A Man Whose Opinion On Economic Issues Actually Matters

You can listen to whomever you like about economics, but most would agree that a strong voice who has actually proven him or herself worth of attention is the best kind of choice to make. After all, why would we want to waste our time listening to someone who has no idea what they are saying? That is why Shervin Pishevar is the perfect choice for your economic opinion reading.

Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Uber and has made himself into a very wealthy individual as a result. It is not surprising that he has strong opinions about economic issues. It is a little surprising that more people are not tuning in to what he has to say. He proved that he has a lot to say on matters when he went on a fifty tweet long tweet storm on everything from the prices in the stock market to the value of Bitcoin. When Shervin Pishevar started to speak, there were no prisons left behind.

Shervin Pishevar has frequently been controversial to some people who do not agree with his points of view. He is perfectly okay with that so long as those people understand that he comes from where he comes from for a reason. He does not make up his positions as he goes along but rather has a firm set of ideas in his head for how to think about certain things going on in the world.

When you read his tweet storm you will see that Shervin Pishevar believes that the stock market is going to fall by at least twenty percent in the near future. He also sees that it is possible that Bitcoin is going to take a big tumble as well. He does not think that people should be investing in either one of these things. He would much rather they put their money to use saving up for when the prices of these particular securities come back down to Earth a little bit. Then and only then will it be the right time to pull the trigger so to speak and make an investment.