Alex Pall and The Desire To Express, Create and Form an EDM Identity

Artists tend to fall into a false-consensus bias. This bias is the formal term for thinking that other people share the same strong opinions as them. This leads to artists thinking that the art they create respond to the audience they’re targeting. This false sense of judgement may lead artists to overestimate their talent and think that their success is a guaranteed one. However, there are also artists like The Chainsmokers who are modest but talented enough to think that their music is still growing despite the commercial evidence that their music is already remarkably successful. Alex Pall, the man behind the duo composing The Chainsmokers, even revealed in the interview done with The Interview Magazine, that he still has a lot to learn from the EDM industry.


Pall also revealed some of the key insight that has shaped the success of The Chainsmokers today. For starters, he revealed that what he is trying to do now in his music is to put a face on it. There are EDM creators like deadmau5 that keep things distanced, impersonal and indifferent, which is not at all bad. But Pall thinks that EDM has still so much potential for connecting with a large audience. It still has so much potential to be a serious platform for art. This is the challenge that faces Pall today, and he thinks it’s an undertaking that’s worth the shot.


The Chainsmokers is also successful today with the help of Andrew Taggart, the other man behind the duo. With Pall and Taggart’s exceptional and unique mix of songwriting skills, it is possible for Chainsmokers to be reaping many awards. The Interview Magazine, however, highlighted that the awards are not the motivation of The Chainsmokers. It is the main passion of the group to express their truths, their emotional journey and their want to express a certain identity in the industry of EDM.


Pall also revealed in the interview that he grew up already as a fan of EDM. In fact, his younger years saw him becoming an EDM DJ. He went around art galleries to find inspiration for EDM and to meet the right people to get his drive for the craft to grow.