Andrew Rocklage is Jumping Into Success

When it comes to business Andrew Rocklage has demonstrated a prescient understanding of genuine opportunity. He has also remained flexible and foregone a rigid, unrelenting course when he senses a better situation developing.

When Rocklage had the chance to invest in a giant, indoor trampoline park he jumped at the chance. Despite his background as a lawyer, Rocklage found that becoming a successful business owner brought its own sense of satisfaction.

Andrew Rocklage got his start in life in the great city of Boston. He received a law degree from the noted Suffolk University Law School. But, he didn’t stop there. He continued on and obtained a business degree from the Isenberg School of Management.

He put his education to work after he received his credentials by serving as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. It was a worthwhile experience as he gained a clear understanding of innovation in business and has applied some concepts learned to his own company. His business endeavors are also enhanced with his combination of innovation and his experience with the law.

Andrew had a strong ambition to be the master of his own fate. His work experience was valuable and worthwhile, but he felt that he was ready to take the next step and control his destiny. That’s when SkyZone became a reality for him.

SkyZone is based in Los Angeles and they are about jumping into fun and fitness. They are a franchise business with over 100 locations across the United States. They feature trampolines with various themes like a freestyle section where people have the space to be creative and get airborne.

Rocklage happens to be the owner of two franchises in Florida. His Daytona location has an excellent freestyle zone which is a huge hit with patrons. Safety is of paramount concern so the numbers of people jumping are limited at any one time.

Staff members are quick to remedy any safety concerns and ensure the rules are followed. This location also features the chance to play basketball on a trampoline. It sure makes dunking a lot easier. They also have Dodgeball tournaments.

Owning SkyZone franchises fits in well with Rocklage’s background and personality. Growing up, he was an avid practitioner of many sports. He’s always had a strong interest in following professional leagues as well. He is happy to provide a quality business that allows people to enjoy athletic endeavors. It’s good, clean fun which helps people maintain good health.

Team cohesion and camaraderie are essential things that Andrew Rocklage focuses on in his business. He considers talented people to be the driving force of a successful business and always seeks to hire the best. Andrew Rocklage is an inspiration for others to just go for it and control their own destiny.

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