Alex Pall and The Desire To Express, Create and Form an EDM Identity

Artists tend to fall into a false-consensus bias. This bias is the formal term for thinking that other people share the same strong opinions as them. This leads to artists thinking that the art they create respond to the audience they’re targeting. This false sense of judgement may lead artists to overestimate their talent and […]

Roseann Bennett Talks About Some Of The Issues Facing The Mental Health Care Industry

Roseann Bennett is a licensed therapist who lives and works in New Jersey. She is the CO-Founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. This organization is a nonprofit mental health agency. She has been named by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy as one of their Approved Supervisor’s […]

A Man Whose Opinion On Economic Issues Actually Matters

You can listen to whomever you like about economics, but most would agree that a strong voice who has actually proven him or herself worth of attention is the best kind of choice to make. After all, why would we want to waste our time listening to someone who has no idea what they are […]

How Lawrence Bender Set Hollywood On Fire With “Pulp Fiction”

There are not many producers who are able to leave a permanent mark on Hollywood. One producer, however, has been able to change the Hollywood game many times starting with one of the best crime films ever made. That producer, Lawrence Bender, helped change the rules of filmmaking with the hit film “Pulp Fiction.” Before […]

Securus Technologies receives outstanding reviews

Securus Technologies is a company founded in 1986 it deals with the provision of criminal and civil technological remedies to enhance public safety, in investigation, corrections, and monitoring. It is located in Dallas, Texas and serves 3,450 safety, law enforcement, and correctional facilities in the United States. Securus provides high-quality technology software services. Securus has […]

Why Dick DeVos Commands an American Philanthropic Appeal

Dick and Betsy DeVos have no doubt captured the attention of the public for their substantial donations. They consider those contributions meager as compared to the $139 million they have given out in their lifetimes. The couple is lifting the veil on the contributions being made through their foundation. The reason for the development is […]