How Fabletics Brings a Personal Touch to Online Shopping

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of the most genius ideas I have come across in a long time. It is said to have the world’s best leggings. Kate Hudson has always been an icon of mind when it comes to health and fitness, so I had to take note. The company sells a huge variety of the most fashionable athletic wear and leggings. It also has workout accessories such as jackets, sweaters and some footwear for various activities.


Fabletics also was created to strictly cater to women’s varying needs in health and fitness. For example, there are leggings designed specifically for running, ones created specifically for the gym, etc. Additionally, after taking a short quiz, every item of clothing seen on the site is built around your specific needs. The idea of actually going out to shop is becoming less and less appealing. I always dislike when people say, “I’m busy.” We are all busy these days. If you aren’t, there may be a problem.


Many online retailers ask you to spend that precious time perusing through a huge variety of inventory to find exactly what you are looking for. Then, you need to worry about sizing, possibly read a bunch of views, and it all feels like just as much of a hassle as going to a store.


Fabletics learns your tastes, style, fitness types and sizing and will tailor its recommendations right to you. This is the next level of online shopping and, essentially, you don’t have to do any real shopping. Fabletics is a membership model company. What that means is that, for a monthly fee, you receive a whole outfit right at your door. You can pause your membership anytime and you can exchange things anytime.


Fabletics uses the reverse showroom model, meaning it basically brings a custom showroom to the website. The experience is personalized and fun. Many businesses today are trying to adapt to the needs of online shoppers, while still hanging on to physical locations across the country that are nearly vacant. Not to mention the funds staffing, insurance and inventory that are required of a physical location.


The custom showroom is built after you take a LifeStyle Quiz. The quiz is just six short questions. These questions ask you about what type of exercise you enjoy, where you like to do that exercise, what your personal style is like and specifics on your sizing. After those six short questions, you receive a showroom of Fabletics gear that fits those parameters


Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group co-founded Fabletics to bring the reverse showroom model to life. They wanted to give online shopping a personal touch. Kate’s personal goal was to empower women everywhere to feel beautiful when they were exercising. She also wanted to give them the ability to get quality active wear at a feasible cost.