OSI Industries Seeks to Lead in a Different Way

OSI Industries is a global leader in growth ever since opening their first family meat market in 1909 in the Chicago area. OSI Industries stands out from the pack by delivering quality and value without sacrificing costs.David McDonald is the recent president and COO of this group and he comes from northeast Iowa having grown up on a farm all the way to the now president of OSI Industries. He graduated from Iowa State University earning a bachelor’s degree in animal science. This company group comes from a Midwest tradition where the hard work on the farm lead to quality food processing and the preparation of quality meats.

The OSI Industries used to be the main supplier of meats for the McDonald’s restaurants and in fact now is McDonald’s main global suppliers of quality meats. Today, this company’s industries is listed as one of the largest private companies, according to Forbes in 2016, with a net worth of over 6.1 billion. It operates in over 17 countries boasting 65 facilities to help meets the needs of its customers on a worldwide basis. Their meat processing plants have received numerous LEED certification awards showing their dedication to the environment as well. Recently, the company group got an award from the NAMI( North American Meat Institute) in 2018 for their environmental management systems put into practice at such places as Geneva, IL and Fort Atkinson, WI.

Today, the collective industries are focusing on providing a vision for sustainability or the future. Sheldon Levin has been tasked with providing that vision and he has relied on technological innovation to make things happen for the company. Levin oversaw the building of two innovation centers and one of which is located overseas. The company also hired Johnson-Hoffman as chief sustainability officer in charge of creating strategy to keep their product lines on the cutting edge and consumer and environmentally friendly too.

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