Paul Mampilly Shares Great Ideas For Investors

Paul Mampilly is an American author and an investor, who has portrayed unique skills and great practical ideas in investment. Paul has been an investor for over twenty years now, and he has worked with many reputable corporations and organizations. This former hedge fund manager decided to retire at his 40s so that he could spend time with his family. Back in the 1980s, Mampilly worked with ING and Deutsche Asset Management as an analyst. Then, he ventured in management whereby he became the manager for Bankers Trust, Royal Swiss Bank, and Bank of Scotland.


Paul Mampilly was born in India moved to the a young boy. He then secured junior positions on Wall Street. He began his successful career in Deutsche Bank as a research assistant in 1991. Due to his capability, he rose up the ranks quickly, and he started to manage multimillion dollar investments like private Swiss Banks and Sears.

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Mampilly’s role as a manager

Owners of Kinetics international funds recruited Mampilly to become the senior director of the firm. Under his management, the company’s assets rose rapidly from $6 billion to $25 billion. Due to this impressive performance, Barron named the company as the best hedge fund that year. This is because the firm was averaging around 26 percent per year during his term. Moreso, he won an investment competition that was conducted by Templeton Foundation. Starting with a $50 million investment capital, he managed to grow it to $80 million.

In ING, Mampilly managed a team of two analysts who were covering healthcare stocks. Personally, he was responsible for covering large pharmaceutical company’s stocks, life sciences, and biotechnology.

Mampilly as a respected author

Paul believes that the growth in technology is going to have a positive impact on the lives of investors. He is confident that technological advancement is going to revolutionize the world of stock investment. This is because technology is anticipated to open new opportunities for those who are smart in stock investment. For that reason, he says that he is going to write more concerning the technology and investment trends. More than 60000 subscribers utilize his ideas, and most of them say that they are practical.

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