Rick Shinto’s Winning Formula at Innovacare Health

Innovacare Health is a leading healthcare provider catering for the underprivileged in North America. Under the strong leadership of Rick Shinto, Innovacare operates using Medicaid and Medicare advantage to ensure the services provided are affordable. The facility is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and works on the principle that the welfare of the patient comes first.

Before joining Innovacare, Dr. Rick Shinto worked with different health institutions amassing a wealth of experience. His experience spanned over 20 years in the healthcare industry and provided a platform for the development of Innovacare Health. Under the leadership of Dr. Shinto, successful programs have been initiated offering services to over 200,000 clients. Read more about Rick at PHP PG ADS

Innovacare provides a broad range of services tailored to ensure better health for the patients. The services include the provision of adequate information and education to patients on healthcare awareness and management of different health conditions. For better service delivery, the patient’s family receives sufficient support to care for their loved ones at the time of treatment.

Dr. Rick Shinto believes in the success of his services. He has in place a winning formula that includes a talented and dedicated management team guiding the operations of Innovacare. In his team, he has Ms. Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administration Officer. Like Dr. Shinto, Ms, Kokkinides brought on board a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. He previously held different positions in major health care institutions. The two work hand in hand to ensure the Medicare and Medicaid packages provided are adequate to offer satisfactory results in the services rendered.

Innovacare has a registered membership of over 200,000 members. The facility runs a workforce comprising of 7,500 employees trained and experienced to offer different services to clients. With this winning team and dedication to offer the best services, Dr. Shinto won the Access to Caring Award at a gala held at Westar University dubbed “A Tribute to Caring.”

The need for healthcare continues to rise by each day. Increased awareness and emergence of life-threatening conditions among the populations are among the causes of the rising need for healthcare. Through the use of emerging technology and new research ideas, Innovacare remains atop other healthcare providers in the country. It is the integration of these technological advances and dedication of the team working with Innovacare that will guide and drive the services provided to the future. Learn more about Rick on xrepublic.net