Securus Technologies receives outstanding reviews

Securus Technologies is a company founded in 1986 it deals with the provision of criminal and civil technological remedies to enhance public safety, in investigation, corrections, and monitoring. It is located in Dallas, Texas and serves 3,450 safety, law enforcement, and correctional facilities in the United States. Securus provides high-quality technology software services. Securus has received highest ratings and recommendation on its publications by Better Business Bureau. Securus works within the BBB standards.

To ensure that its clients receive high-quality services, it has employed a highly professional and well-trained team that has since won the highest rating regarding service provision

I found the following article that helped me understand more about Securus technologies. The article includes comments from their clients on how to use to utilize technology in crimes solving and prevention:

  1. The technology can detect any calls that contain information about prisoners using drugs, selling drugs and having access to cell phones in prison. Also, any suspicious activities involving money transfers and the threats are exposed. A shooting incident happened, and a civilian admitted to having sold those drugs to the inmates at a higher cost.
  2. A client thanked Securus for assisting them to detain corrupt member of their staff by using information on the cellphone
  3. A client thanked them for introducing LBS software plus other law enforcement resources. Millions of dollars were recovered from illegal properties, drugs, and monetary transactions by the Sherrif’s department. I learned that this was facilitated by the use of the Secures LBS software.
  4. Securus Investigator Pro and the LBS services are reliable even for future use, and this makes it the best prison phone provider.
  5. Through the Securus LBS software, a telephone conversation between two prisoner siblings with their mother who was outside was useful in solving their case because they were able to trap that telephone conversation. Where the elder sibling was coaching the younger sibling on how to respond when questioned about a shooting event that had happened.

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