Securus Technology Releases User Views on Its Technological Solutions

As the leading civil and criminal justice technology innovations provider, Securus Technologies receives a lot of comments with regard to its crime preventive and correctional facility oriented solutions. A recent release of the comments from customers not only reveal how Securus Technology is the strongest provider in the market but also a sound of reason that investigators and correctional facilities turn to.



According to Richard A. Smith, the Chair and Chief Executive officer over at Securus Technologies, the company receives thousands of emails and letters suggesting on what new features to include in their solutions in order to keep everyone, be it inmates, officers, parolees or their families safer.



As a company dealing with correctional facilities and crime investigations, Securus has to take each of these comments into consideration as they are a crucial indicator of what is missing or what can be done to make their solutions better.



Some of the suggested changes focus on monitoring information exchange between inmates and their loved one. This crucial feature will be able to improve how the authorities to investigate drugs, contraband and violent actions carried out within the correctional facilities.



An improved monitoring system that investigates all calls and has an intelligent CCTV system to monitor what the inmates do will help correctional facility officers to even identify and combat such activities long before they take root.



While Securus Technologies admits its prowess in the industry, it understands that it takes more than one brain to solve and prevent crimes. That is why it is taking the initiative to take suggestions from its or competitor customers in order to design better and safer systems.


About Securus Technologies


Securus serves over 3450 public law enforcement, safety and correctional agencies in North America. This amounts to over 1,200,000 inmates, an impressive number that requires resilient technological solutions to keep everything in control. It focuses on designing and deploying communication, information management, in-mate self service, investigative services and other relevant solutions.