The Bumble App Roars As Whitney Wolfe Takes Center Stage In Dating App Community

Whitney Wolfe has created a very interesting approach to the dating app world. She worked with the founder of Badoo to present the world with Bumble. This has become one of the most successful apps in recent years for people that are looking for something that goes beyond the common hookup culture that has been connected with so many dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe how worked as the co-founder of a tremendously successful dating app called Tinder. This was one of those apps that is associated with this hookup type of vibe, but Whitney would have a greater sense of purpose for the next dating app that she would create. In her role with Bumble she would be the CEO and the sole person that would have creative control over what was going on with this app. That is why he decided to connect with a panel of staff members that would primarily be women. She wanted to get ideas and concepts from women about what they wanted to see in a dating app. There were more than enough of the male-dominated apps on the market, and Whitney Wolfe wanted to be someone that stood out as a breath of fresh air with her Bumble app.

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This was the plan that she made for herself, and this would be the thing that will catapult her to success. There are millions of people that have signed up as users for the Bumble app, and a plethora of different matches have been made. Bumble is one of the most successful apps in recent years. To gain this type of following from a dating app that is free is almost unheard of in such a short amount of time. There are people that are spreading the word about this after social media with friends.