Vinod Gupta, The Investor With A Big Heart

Vinod Gupta’s life is full of colorful achievements. He was born in the 1940s, and he lacked basic things. As one of this generation’s role model, he has proved the American dream to be a reality. From being a small village boy without access to information (TV), water, or electricity to a philanthropist is a story worth telling. He had a job at Air Force (in India) before coming to the USA. His journey to American as a student (University of Nebraska) fortunately opened him to the world of exposure and established intellectualism.


Nurturing of his entrepreneurship skills, however, was not until he started working for Commodore Corporation. The marketing firm gave him an exposure that changed his perception of problems and problems solving. Lack of information on his first job gave Vinod Gupta an idea. He now wanted to solve “lack of information” problem in the marketing sector.


After a year at the marketing firm, he founded a company, ABI. The company’s aim was to collect and simplify telephone details for many companies. This simplified many companies’ work. From just two employees, the company was able to bring many employees on board and this expanded their human resources. Since the company was accommodating the information market, rebranding from ABI to infoUSA was arguably the best option. With a bigger company and an extensive market, Vinod Gupta was now able to compete on a more leveled ground with other companies. More expansion changed infoUSA to infoFree. Get More Information Here.


Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and an innovator, Vinod Gupta has continued to have an impact on many people: both in India and USA. Vinod Gupta is so passionate about education and this explains his vast contribution to the advancement of education in these two countries. He has been instrumental in establishing management schools in India with USA models. Apart from being a champion in business education, law as an academic field is dear to him. RGSOIPL, the law school is also under his foundation.


Vinod Gupta is a strong believer of work. The avid reader of financial journals believes that technology and AI is the future. According to him, any entrepreneur must be keen on these technology trends. Throughout a successful career Vinod Gupta has developed a plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “Vinod Gupta’s Lessons In Business”.